Avengers: Infinity War Countdown Begins

Author: Michelle   Date Posted:11 April 2018 

Hello all!

It's just over two weeks now until the new Avengers film, Infinity War, bursts onto the big screen.  I'm a huge MCU fan, so have been keeping an eye on all information, trailers and images that have been released.  So, SO many Marvel characters all seem to be coming together to fight Thanos as he gets hold of the Infinity Stones to control for his own wicked scheme.  I'm sure that we are all looking forward to seeing who is teamed up with who as they fight the common evil.

Recently, Marvel Studios released a number of themed posters that might give us a glimpse into who the 'teams' will be.  Now that we have been added to our range of Avengers costumes, for a bit of fun I've had a play with Photoshop & put together a few posters of our own to showcase just a portion of the costumes we have for you to dress up in as you celebrate the movies release.



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